Improving Organizational Performance

HR On Call® can offer you the peace of mind that your human resource department is functioning as a productive element of your business, not just an after-thought.

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-Are my managers challenged by the economy and competition?
-Is my performance management system as efficient and effective as it should be?
-Are my business practices in line with my true needs?
-Are your employees motivated so productivity is high and turnover is low?
-Are my managers strategic thinkers who want to position my business for future?

HR On Call® can determine what changes are necessary. We’re here to help realign employee behavior, core competencies, and business objectives so your organization operates at peak performance.

HR On Call® can provide a full range of performance improvement services, such as:

Organizational Development

  • Process Improvement: When processes no longer work effectively, HR On Call® can take the fear and pain out of process improvement.
  • Organizational Design: Organizations have to adapt their structure and processes constantly to respond to internal and external challenges. HR On Call® can provide great organizational design for your business to identify, refine, and adopt proven models that will help you meet new demands, develop a more cost-effective structure, and increase profitability.
  • Organizational Change: Is your organization flexible? Business can change in the blink of an eye, so your organization must be prepared to transform in response to these conditions. Organization-wide changes could include: changing the mission, restructuring operations in response to layoffs, switching to remote working options, introducing new technologies, completing a merger, rightsizing, adding new programs, re-engineering, and so many more. HR On Call® can help you anticipate change and weather it successfully.
  • Turn-Around Strategies: Do your mangers struggle to understand the causes of poor results?An effective turn-around strategy can help. HR On Call® can provide insight and coaching so these managers can curtail losses, restore growth, and quickly achieve their full potential.
  • Technology Improvement Planning: Technology is a powerful tool that can help your organization realize dramatic increases in productivity. HR On Call® can help implement new technology and ensure your staff is adequately trained, insuring expectations are met.
  • Organizational Communication: How effective do you and your employees communicate? Effective internal and external communication plays a vital role in your business' success. HR On Call® can work with your employees to make them better communicators through evaluation and training.
  • Reorganization and Restructuring: Are areas of your business struggling to perform? Are there signs of financial distress? HR On Call® can assist with reorganization by providing the help your business needs to turn performance around.
  • Business and Technology Alignment: Startups will typically use new technology, but established businesses may lag behind when adopting new initiatives. By determining the right technology for your business, and by properly training your staff, HR On Call® can help you adopt new technology in a pain-free environment.
  • Succession Planning: Have you laid out a plan for growth and succession internally? Preparation is the key for having the right person ready for the right job when it is available. HR On Call® can help you identify key employees for future positions through training, job rotation, and mentoring.
  • Streamlining Operations: HR On Call®can help your organization develop new processes to streamline operations. We'll examine functional areas of your operations, and evaluate your business practices to determine how well they work. Our integrated approach also considers other success factors that fall outside of the business so we can recommend long-term solutions, rather than quick fixes.
  • Employee Coaching and Counseling: Are your employees coached on a regular basis? Do they get feedback on performance? HR On Call® will help you develop a coaching and counseling protocol. On-going feedback is a valuable tool that helps with employee contributions, brings performance issues to an employee’s attention, and offers ways to resolve issues.
  • Team Building and Team Development: Team building is a key activity for managers. HR On Call® will help you build well-balanced teams that have great chemistry and are able to handle workplace conflict.
  • Human Performance Technology: HR On Call® uses the specialized field of Human Performance Technology as part of their systematic approach to help your business increase productivity and improve employee performance.
  • Facilitation of Meetings, Retreats, and Conferences: HR On Call® has extensive experience facilitating meetings, retreats, and conferences. We have a variety of options available to meet your unique needs.
  • Diversity in the Workplace: Is your organization committed to workplace diversity? HR On Call® can provide the training your business needs to foster a satisfactory, safe, and meaningful environment where your employees can succeed.


  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Do you know your customers are happy? Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of your business. HR On Call® will help you get answers to critical questions about their preferences and satisfaction.
  • Employee Opinion/Satisfaction Surveys: Are your employees happy and productive? Do they have the tools they need to succeed? HR On Call® can provide web-based or hard copy custom surveys to help your managers and supervisors gauge employee opinions and satisfaction within a specific department or throughout your organization.

Business Analysis

  • Planning and Strategy: Are you an entrepreneur that needs assistance plotting your business or expansion plan? Does your business need a road map to success? HR On Call® can help you no matter what stage you're in. Our experienced team can help you, whether you need to develop a strategy and vision or you're ready to secure funding and proceed to the next level.
  • Implementation and Evaluation You have a great plan in place, now it's time to execute. HR On Call® can help you with all areas, from assisting with contract negotiations to creating partnerships and strategic alliances, and completing applications and certifications. HR On Call® can also gel you measure the success of what you've put in place and help adjust areas for your maximum benefit.
  • Organizational Direction Setting: Do you review core strengths and strategies on a regular basis? Are your employees moving in the same direction? HR On Call® has developed proven ground rules that work to bring together your team. We can help you establish strategies to insure your company’s future success.
  • Change Governance: How do your employees adapt to change? How do you? HR On Call® will work with your team to make change as efficient and pain-free as possible. We'll help you and your managers adjust to changes in the organization and show you how to minimize conflict.

Performance Analysis

  • Employee Assessments: HR On Call® can help you identify the roles, responsibilities, and skills required for employees to be successful in their positions. We'll help you develop the best possible structure, including processes and reporting relationships, for the success of your business.
  • Staffing Analysis: Is your staffing model effective? HR On Call® can review your current structure, including job titles and descriptions. We'll recommend alternative staffing options and offer a human resources strategy that ensures your business is running as effectively as possible.
  • Performance Gap Analysis: Do your employees have the skills, knowledge and motivation to accomplish their role? HR On Call® will analyze what's needed to keep your organization performing at peak levels. We'll determine where your employees are, and what they may need to keep your business productive. We'll also assess what training they need to perform in current roles, and in future roles as your business grows and changes.
  • Behavioral Assessments: You and your managers can lead and motivate better when you know what drives your employees. HR On Call® can measure the behaviors and needs they have, and provide you with this valuable information.
  • Culture Assessments: Does your business culture foster successful employees? Employee satisfaction at every level is one of the keys to a growing, successful organization. HR On Call® will assist you in measuring the success of your current culture. We can help you develop and implement an action plan to put your organization in the best position for growing a satisfied and productive workforce.

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Organizational Performance Assessment

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