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Are your managers developing the skills they need to make your business successful? Good leadership is one of the determining factors of competitiveness in business. Effective leaders are productive. They attract and retain high performers, and improve the bottom line. HR On Call® can help you create the infrastructure and discipline needed to develop these key players. We understand the critical leadership issues you face, and have a proven record of helping companies develop and sustain creative leadership strategies. We can help you create a pipeline of world-class leaders, which will strengthen your company’s future and directly add to your bottom line.

HR On Call® can provide a full range of strategic leadership building services, such as:

Leadership Assessments

  • Identifying Leadership and Management Competencies: HR On Call® can help your organization identify and develop standard competencies and skills your leaders must have. These competencies are customized for your organization and are helpful in evaluating employees’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as and defining successful behavior.
  • Organizational Assessments: Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? HR On Call’s® will asses your organization objectively. Once determined, your organization's strengths and weaknesses are a critical starting point for initiating change. Our assessment will sift through the symptoms and identify the core issues that must to be addressed to move your company forward. One-on-one interviews, focus groups with members of management and a cross section of employees give us with a deep understanding of the challenges your organization faces. We'll develop an action plan based on these interview results. Once set in motion, your organization can turn a vision into reality.
  • 360° Performance Management: HR On Call® can develop a customized performance management system based on a position-specific evaluation, performance objectives, and 360° feedback from employees, peers, and supervisors. Providing employees with accurate and measurable feedback is a strong motivator. You can also keep them on track for achieving the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Understanding Yourself and How You Effect Others Using the DISC® Profile: Understanding yourself, your behavior and the impact it has on others, as well as understanding the same about others is a key to your success personally and professionally. HR On Call® can help you develop productive communication skills and relationships through use of the DISC® Profile learning method.

Introductory Leadership Development

  • Change Management and Best Practices: HR On Call® can help optimize your change management system. We'll work with you to achieve the results you want using well-researched methods that ensure success.
  • Strategic Planning: HR On Call® can help you define your organization's strategy or direction. This allows you to make decisions on allocating resources, including capital and people, to pursue this strategy.
  • Strategy Execution: Getting it Done: HR On Call® will help you and your organization gain the skills and knowledge you need to accomplish what so many others don’t – the successful implementation of your goals. Strategies are revisited and revised whenever the market takes another dip or the economy takes another turn. You don't have the time or the money for strategies that never get off the ground. Our seminar will help you and your managers develop flexible, achievable blueprints to ensure that costly strategy initiatives succeed.
  • Ten Habits of Highly Effective Leaders: The future of any organization is dependent on its leaders. Whether your current management team is planning for future growth or creating a pipeline of leaders, it's important that these leaders share the same focus, drive, and direction. HR On Call® will provide guidance as you develop leaders are focused on sustainable superior performance.
  • Time Management Skills: Do you know where the time goes? Personal time management skills are essential for effective employees. HR On Call® will teach your team to use these techniques so they consistently meet and exceed your organization's goals.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Organizational success is dependent on employees that have critical thinking skills. HR On Call® will help you and your organization develop a culture that supports critical thinking, and give you the help you need to develop this skill in your employees.
  • Basic Leadership Training for New Supervisors: HR On Call® provides an innovative approach to training new managers and supervisors. We'll help them develop core leadership skills they need to effectively manage their departments and provide direction and encouragement to their employees, ultimately ensuring success for your business.
  • Diversity Programs and Initiatives: HR On Call® is a leader in facilitating cultural change and creating a discrimination- and harassment-free organization. Our experience-based sensitivity training will help your organization embrace cultural differences among employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Assertiveness Training for Minorities in Business: HR On Call® has created training designed for minorities who want to build on their strengths, improve their skills in interpersonal relations and conflict resolution, relate to people at all organizational levels. Minorities can develop the skills needed to get the job done, get what they want, and command respect in a supportive environment where they also have the opportunity to share their concerns.

Intermediate Leadership Development

  • LeaderSpeak - Public Speaking and Effective Presentations: HR On Call® created a presentation skills training to give your employees proven techniques to enhance their presentations, increase confidence, and become more motivated. This means more productivity and enterprising behavior for your organization. Your team will learn the fundamentals of good presentation technique, preparation, and speaking styles when they work with a coach in small groups.
  • Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion: Business leaders, especially sales managers, account executives, and project managers, need to understand the psychology behind decisions. For some, persuasion is easy, but for others it’s an uphill battle. HR On Call® has developed training that will help your executives get the desired outcome by learning what drives people to say yes or no.
  • Team Building Skills: Your organization's success depends on a strong sense of teamwork, interdependence, and understanding. Under-performing teams are costly; they exhibit poor teamwork, apathy, confusion, high turnover, and low productivity. HR On Call’s® team building and communication skills training explores the basic elements of a good team, goal setting, and team development. We'll show you how to establish an effective team structure, eliminate barriers, and conduct team self-assessments. Our training is based on customized exercises and interactive activities to enhance the individual team member experience and get your teams back on track.
  • Followership Skills: Employees cannot lead effectively if they have not first learned how to follow. HR On Call® will teach your team effective following skills so they know when to lead and when to follow. They'll learn how to hold team effectiveness as a top priority, and become better listeners. We'll create a team that is focused on results and success instead of credit for the task completion.
  • The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results: Leadership communication is essential for success, and is particularly important in an uncertain economy. No matter how compelling the vision or how brilliant the strategy, without leadership communication there is no execution. HR On Call® designed this seminar to strengthen leadership communication skills through practical techniques. We'll teach you and your team to shape your leadership messages, hone an authentic voice, and engage your leaders in powerful conversations that achieve results.

Advanced Leadership Development

  • Leading Organizational Change: HR On Call® provides a comprehensive leadership development experience for your more seasoned managers, giving them the tools they need to anticipate and overcome current and future challenges.
  • Embracing Change to Drive Growth: HR On Call® knows successful leadership requires the ability to respond to complex and unpredictable business changes. Your team has to be visionary and empowered to seize external opportunities. They also have to bounce back from unforeseen changes. Great leaders have a strategic plan, but they can also capitalize on market trends. They anticipate and respond to change rapidly. This seminar will help your leaders become more agile, so they'll lead with greater foresight and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Planning for Organizational Change: Change is inevitable, so effectively leading through change ensures the success of your organization. HR On Call® will help your managers master change management techniques and turn change into a positive force. Managers will learn how to create a change management plan, assess issues involved in preparing your organization, and demonstrate mastery of key change management skills. They'll build executive sponsorship to ensure success and they'll overcome emotional and intellectual challenges by managing the process. Your managers will learn to create effective communication plans so all systems support the change, and manage the process so your business continues to succeed.
  • 360° Feedback Implementation: Feedback is an inexpensive and powerful motivational tool, yet people typically suffer from a lack of feedback throughout their careers. 360 feedback is a comprehensive way to get feedback from a wide variety of sources, such as an employee’s supervisors, peers, staff, customers and stakeholders. HR On Call® can assist you with determine the best way to implement a 360 feedback program that works for your organization.
  • The Art of Negotiation: Your success in business is directly related to the outcome of your negotiations. The outcome is an agreement, which can be strong or weak, short-lived or lasting, hostile or cooperative, favorable or unfavorable. Your negotiation skills determine whether you close the deal, including terms & price, and the relationship you'll have with the other party throughout the process. HR On Call® can provide you with first-hand information so you achieve the desired results in your negotiations.
  • Leading Virtual and Remote Teams: Many organizations today are switching to the remote working option as a strategy to cut costs and increase productivity. This option necessitates greater employee responsibility, empowerment, and personal development. Successful distant managing models require a clear understanding of the unique issues presented, as well as a clear communication strategy. HR On Call® designed this workshop to help managers adapt to remote work and distance management. We'll explore the seven core competencies of distance managers and the diverse characteristics of remote teams. Distance managers will learn how to sustain personal effectiveness and productivity, adjust to a work environment based on trust and interdependence, motivate remote workers, improve communication with remote workers, and conduct effective remote team briefings and meetings.
  • Achieving Leadership Success Through People: HR On Call® recognizes that successful leaders are those with excellent people skills. Poor communication and interpersonal relationships can hinder success, even if the leader is technically competent. Leaders must be able to create rapport, synergy, and mutual trust with all of their employees to be successful. This workshop will cover topics such as loyalty, professionalism, empathy, optimism, empowerment, coaching, and partnership.
  • Advanced Executive Leadership Program/Executive Coaching: HR On Call® has a comprehensive leadership development program for more seasoned managers that focuses on improved business results. Our executive coaching program takes into account the current challenges presented by deteriorating economic conditions and increased competition. This program is designed to help your managers identify and work through issues. They'll unlock their full potential, and fill the gaps between where they are and where they want to be.
  • Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies: What impact does your communication style have on your image? How do others view your work, performance, and even your skill sets and prospects for career advancement? This HR On Call® seminar will allow you to explore your communication style and that of others. You'll learn the skills required to clearly and effectively transmit and receive information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Mentoring and Coaching

HR On Call® has developed a series of mentoring and coaching opportunities. We exist to make sure you and your associates are successful. Investing in yourself and your employees ensures continued development as your organization grows and changes to meet the challenges of today's business environment.

  • Developing Executive Leadership: When you invest in executive leadership development, you know your executives are prepared for greater challenges and opportunities to broaden their skills and networks. Your team is more successful and will have a higher leader retention rate.
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence skills, such as recognizing and positively managing emotions in yourself, others, and groups, is powerful. HR On Call® will teach you and your leaders how to apply emotional intelligence to specific situations to gain authority and success. You will also learn state-of-the-art methods to assist you in collaborating and managing conflict.
  • Coaching: A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership: HR On Call® Leadership coaching will provide your managers an in-depth understanding of the four different styles of leadership. They'll learn skills to diagnose and creatively solve problems, remain flexible in a dynamic environment, and become effective and efficient partners. This training emphasizes giving leaders the right training at the right time.

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